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Yelp Testimonials

I am so glad to have had my Air Ducts cleaned by Vent Cleaning Nick their technician was polite and efficient in doing the job and he saved me a lot of money. my clothes had not been drying properly taking upwards to 2 hours. after he cleaned the dryer vent out i saw such a difference and so relieved that i wouldn’t have to buy a new dryer. thank you vent cleaning and thank you Nick for a good experience i highly recommend this company to anyone looking for the Air Ducts cleaned

- Alexa G.

i live in a apartment and its mandatory to get the vents cleaned once a year and i’m happy to say i’ve finially found a company that ill use again. vent cleaning was on time, courteous and thorough. i’d recommend this company to anyone and everyone. its nice to deal with someone who cares about the job their doing and not just the paycheck they’re going to get when their done

- Michelle W.

no in and out cheap job they took their time and did it right

- Eric R.

2 thumbs up excellant company

- Pam B.